Saturday, November 19, 2011

KPW's Book of the Week

Hi All,
I hope everyone has had a good week this week, and a goof weekend planned.
Me, I'll be getting stuck into more books.

Ever had one of those weeks when you don't know if you want to scream, cry, curl up in a ball, or just laugh at the irony of it all? Yes??
Yea, me too! One of those weeks!
But what better way than to read a truck load of books to put it to the back of your mind.
That was my idea anyway as you will be able to tell from this weeks list, there are a few.

So this weeks nominee's for the KPW's Book of the Week are:


And the winner is:
Drum Roll Please!

Rocked to the core by traitors and spies, the Organization made an unprecedented move in bringing together six highly trained men to track down one rogue wolf: The Archer.

There are three field agents: one at the top of his game, one hoping to retire, and another walking the line; a cold-blooded assassin who can use any weapon known to man; a demolitions expert who can't resist the allure of fire; and a computer hacker with more tricks in his mouse than Houdini. This team is made up of the best of the best, and if it can't succeed in this impossible mission, no one can. But no plan survives first contact with the enemy - especially when you can't even find out who he is!

Despite what a cluster the assignment is from the start, the six men try to get their act together to track down the rogue operative, and in the process they discover there's more to life than the next assignment. Now it's up to them to survive by working together and determining who the real traitor is: an unknown friend, a close-by enemy, or the Organization itself.
Congratulations Abigail. Excellent book, complex and intriguing characters. 

Author of the Cut and Run Series with Madeleine Urban:

Unfortunetly it seems that Madeleine Urban will be giving up writing we all hope that Abigail will continue to to write such amazing stories like The Archer.

For Madeleine's Special Announcement please click here.

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