Sunday, November 27, 2011

Count Down To The KPW's Book of the Year

Ok so it's now we are nearly finished with November, all our US friends slowing down again for a little while after Thanksgiving and not too far away for Hanukkah and Christmas not to long after that for everyone which will lead us all into the New Year.

Therefore I'm going to start this festive season with a countdown to the KPW book of the year.

I will be posting a list of books everyday throughout the month of  December that I have read This Year and then on New Years Eve, I'll post the winner.

I'll be posting the Name of the book, the link for that book on GR, the author and the number of KPWKisses out of 5 that I gave it.

Good luck to all the authors and I hope everyone get's some good ideas for new books to read over the holidays.

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