Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hoosier Werewolf Series by Kate Steele

Book 1 - Midnight Howl
Rrr, rrr, rrr. Not something you want to hear from your car after midnight on a cold night in December. Ethan Parks takes it in stride and decides to walk home. What could happen? Being followed by what appears to be a wolf? Being harassed by some punks in the local mini-mart? Being rescued by the hunk he’s had a crush on since high school? Oh yeah.
Crewe Jackson’s been waiting patiently to claim his mate. Nine years ago both he and Ethan were too young, but now they’re all grown up. It’s time to give his sweet little nerd some lessons in love. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Book 2 - Who Let The Wolf Out
“Drug dealer? Me?” Dustin is flabbergasted when he’s hauled away by the police, accused of dealing ecstasy. Fortunately his brother’s cute friend is a lawyer but Dustin wanted to get to know Chad man to man not criminal to lawyer. How humiliating.
Chad Sutter has his hands full. Not only has his mate been accused of dealing drugs, he’s been hurt by someone he trusted. It’s up to Chad to straighten out the mess and prove to Dustin that it’ll take more than a little trouble to put out the growing flame between them. 

Rating: 4 Stars

Book 3 - Things That Go Grr
Never show weakness. For two men, human Nick Parks and werewolf Lucas Devereau, it’s the creed they live by. Trouble is, just because something is hidden doesn’t mean it’s not there. With a little trust they may just discover in each other a mate who truly understands the heart and soul of an alpha.
In the final installment of this series, Nick and his brothers, Ethan and Dustin are on the verge of discovering a world few humans see. Secrets are about to be revealed and an unforeseen danger faced. The Parks brothers will need every ounce of family loyalty and love they possess to see them through the gathering storm. 

Rating: 4 Stars

These books are not available as stand alones and must be purchased together in the Howl & Prowl Collection.

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