Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dragon’s Egg Series by Lena Austin

Book 1 - Dragon's Egg
A therapist’s dream patient… In his nightmare, Jack’s the kid from a children’s song. But then dreams turn erotic as he makes love with the Dragon when it takes human form. When his therapist suggests he go back to Wales to find the cavern from his dreams, Jack resists. Then one last erotic dream proves the Dragon is real, and he’s dying. Now it’s a race to save the Magic Dragon — and uncover Jack’s missing past.

Rating: 3 Stars

Book 2 - Dragon's Stone
 Jack has more problems than you can shake a wand at. He’s the son of the usurper to the throne, an untrained wizard with a powerful gift,a gay dragon rider, and a cryptozoologist in a world full of mythical creatures. Now he’s going to school where one of his teachers is a biker turned dragonrider. Men are treated as second-class citizens in Honalee, so this is his one chance to be something other than a stud wizard for the local sorceresses. If that wasn’t bad enough, some mythical object called the Dragon’s Stone has been stolen. How much do they expect of a reluctant heir to the throne, anyway?

Rating: 3 Stars

Book 3 - Dragon's Quest
 The elf Remo and the spy Quenton are former lovers on opposing missions. Remo must protect the new prince, and Quenton is there to assassinate any human who bonds with the Dragon’s Stone as Prince Jack has done. In politics all is deception, and when ugly truths are revealed, who will end up quick-fried to a crackly crunch?

Rating: 3 Stars

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