Sunday, April 10, 2011

Animal Attraction Series by Michelle Houston

Book 1 - Taming the Wolf
Gay werewolves just didn’t happen naturally. Ben had accepted that he would quite possibly live the rest of his life alone. Then one day Nathan, another rogue-made werewolf, turns up on his doorstep. Ben finds that maybe there is a mate for him after all, if he can teach the younger man how to tame his inner wolf.

Rating: 2 Stars

 Book 2 -Embracing the Leopard
 Born of leopard shifter parents, Erik had always known his feelings for other men weren’t natural for his kind. Caught between two worlds, his desires for another man and his animal within, he has chosen to be alone rather than surround himself with what he cannot have.

Then Brandon comes into his life, and he discovers a whole new way of looking at things, and of embracing both halves of his nature.

Rating: 2 Stars
Book 3 - Unleashing the Jaguar
 Trapped in his jaguar form as the newest inhabitant at a zoo,Michael has to figure out how to get free, without anyone finding out about his people's existence, and without getting caught.
When his ex shows up, Michael isn't certain allowing Danny to ride to the rescue is such a good idea, especially given how things between them ended.But if he wants to have a life beyond one trapped in his animal form, he has to take the chance of his feelings rekindling.

Rating: 2 Stars

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