Saturday, September 24, 2011

KPW's Book of the Week

I have had quite a week this week and have been reading a lot.
People always ask me how I can get through so many books in a week. But the simple answer is, I just love to read. I don't watch TV, and I rarely go out.

Well except for last night... Works night out so I really couldn't miss it therefore I am posting a little later than I usually would.

But due to a quite week otherwise I also have a longer list than normal.

So this weeks nominee's for the KPW's Book of the Week are:

Protecting Francis (Yearning Love, #2)
 Jay's Pet
My Feisty Kitten (Purrfect Mates #7)
And the winner is:
 The peril facing the shifter community has led people to relocate for the purpose of protection. During such chaos, fate brings the seemingly unlikely trio of tiger, fairy, and vampire together.

Sasha Donovan is a saber-toothed tiger shifter who selflessly jumps in to help the fleeing families. Finding his mates gives him hope for the future.

Imogen Milford is a prince of the fae with an intense hatred for vampires. Sasha does not hesitate to rescue Imogen when he finds the enchanting, powerful fairy bruised and battered after a narrow escape.

Aaron Loman is a vampire who recently parted from his longtime partner. Now that he has found his own mates, he truly wants everything to work between them.

As these mates deal with the oncoming threat and each other, will Imogen and Aaron be able to reconcile or will Sasha be torn between them forever?
Congratulations Joyee!
Another great book, can't wait to read more on the Purrfect Mates Series.

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