Friday, September 16, 2011

KPW's Book of the Week

I know I said in my BTW introductory post that I would post every Sunday. As you can tell, I did not make that post.

Looking at the logistics of making that post on a Sunday when I am all lazy and limp from the weekend and want to do nothing but read and lounge on the couch, I figured that I might be best of to make the post on a Friday.

I think it will also give everyone an idea of what they would like to try during the weekend themselves. You never know what I will be reading from one day to the next. As you will see below I finished one series by one author, read the next three books from another series and started a news series as well.

What can I say I’m a total book whore!

One thing that will always be continuous will be that they will most likely always be a M/M book.

So here it is, my list from this Monday:

Hope you enjoy and get some ideas for yourself.

Our December (The Making of a Man, #1)
A Place To Run (The Making of a Man, #2)
Stronger in Your Hands (The Making of a Man, #3)
Sparkle And Purr (Midnight Matings, #10)
Howl And Harmony (Midnight Matings, #11)
Fur And Flightless  (Midnight Matings, #12)
Soldier Mine (The Thresl Chronicles, #1)

 And the winner is

Fur and Flightless
by Joyee Flynn

The chaos of the Midnight Matings continues. Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty-four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk going feral. Here Lys finds himself bitten by a werewolf who has mistaken him for a woman. Something that, regrettably can’t be undone.

Lys Wolf is a penguin shifter whose mechanical genius brought him wealth but not respect from his family. All he wants is to meet a mate that will cherish him for who he is.

Rip Corbin is an Alpha werewolf whose dominant ways make it difficult for him to empathize with others. Also, he has always believed himself to be straight. All of this makes it difficult for him to accept Lys as his new mate.

Will Rip be able to move past his problems and be a true mate, or will Lys find a way to end their bond forever?
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Congratualtions Joyee,
and Stormy and Gabrielle
Looking forward to the next installment of the Midnight Matings

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