Sunday, December 4, 2011

KPW Book of the Week

Hi All,

Christmas is really on it's way now... Everyone got their presents sorted yet?

No... Me neither! Whopps.

I swear every year I promise myself that I will get all my presents done before December rolls around but it just never seems to happen does it??

Well I did say that I was probably going to be late with this post this week, and I was half right. The readon I am late with this post is purely because I have been laid up in bed with the flu since Friday and I still really don't feel great but I new I had to get this out. The next few days in work are going to be crazy with the audit going on so I figured I better get it done now while I still can.

So this weeks nominee's for the KPW's Book of the Week are:


So many good books this week, Gotta love the series....
So the winner is:
Drum Roll Please!

Christmas is a time for giving - what do you do when no one gives a damn?

For Zachary Weston Christmas means sleeping on a churchyard bench in the freezing snow with nothing better in his future. Thrown out of his home for being gay, he is left without money or, it seems, anywhere to go.

Until a stranger shows him that some people do give a lot more than a damn.

Ben Hamilton is a rookie cop in his small home town. He finds a young throwaway, fresh from the city, sleeping on a bench in the churchyard on a snowy Christmas Eve. Can he be the one to give Zachary his own Christmas miracle?
Congratulations RJ.
Lovely Christmas Story just in time for the holidays...

Author of the Texas Series:

I have read Heart of Texas and have given it 5 Kisses, I have Texas Winter in my To-Read shelf and will let you all know how it goes once I have read it.

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